The Discovery of a Body

The Investigation

The Evidence

The Game

The Proof is an exciting, challenging and gripping brand new true-to-life CSI interactive action / adventure police major incident investigation game. Set in the county of Graftonshire you will be sworn into Graftonshire Police. You will take up the role of the senior lead detective working on a major crime investigation managing a major investigation budget. Supporting you with the investigation will be your team of experts:

  • Detective Inspector Andy Barltrop (Your Deputy)
  • Detective Constable John Downes (Intelligence Officer)
  • Christina Fairham (Scenes of Crime Officer)
  • Anthony Clarke (Forensics)
  • Detective Inspector Bill Christie (Informants Manager)
  • Anna Gordon (Interview Adviser)
  • Sergeant Jim Grainger (Firearms Team Leader)

During the investigation you will manage and interpret true to life crime scenes and gather clues. You will organise the clues you’ve found into a list of forensic priorities and reveal the forensic potential. Throughout the investigation you will receive real-time updates from your support team of experts, crime scene photographs, documents, forensic reports, intelligence details and interview results. You will need to consider your investigation budget deciding whether or not to ‘fast-track’ forensic lines of enquiry from the clues you’ve gathered and whether or not to deploy specialist departments to deal with the tasks and enquiries you’ve identified. To successfully prove the case you will need to think critically. You will need to analyse and interpret information. You will need to make decisive judgements, make operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

Have you got what it takes?

The Experts

Deputy: Detective Inspector: Andy Barltrop

Detective Inspector Andy Barltrop is an experienced, well respected and knowledgeable officer. Andy has spent the vast majority of his police service working in the Criminal Investigation Department and has worked on numerous previous major investigations and murders. Last year Andy was awarded the Queens Police Medal for distinguished police service.

Informants Manager: Detective Inspector: Bill Christie

Detective Inspector Bill Christie heads the Intelligence Unit and is responsible for the overall management of police informants.

Intelligence: Detective Constable: John Downes

Detective Constable John Downes is an experienced intelligence officer and has worked on numerous major investigations and murders. John holds several Chief Constable’s and Judge’s Commendations for his work, commitment, professionalism and dedication.

Interview Adviser: Detective Constable: Anna Gordon

Detective Constable Anna Gordon is an experienced Police Interview Adviser. Anna has worked on numerous high profile cases and also provides interview advice at a regional and national level.

Scenes of Crime Officer: Christina Fairham

Scenes of Crime Officer Christina Fairham is a highly experienced crime scene investigator and has worked on numerous high profile complex criminal investigations and murders.

Forensic Science Manager: Anthony Clarke

Anthony Clarke is Senior Forensic Scientist and has experience working in all aspects of forensic science and associated examinations.

Firearms Team Leader: Sergeant Jim Grainger

Sergeant Jim Grainger has fifteen years’ police service. Previous to this Jim served in the Parachute Regiment and the SAS. Jim is a tactical marksman with expertise in dynamic operations and close quarters combat.

Jim Grainger - The Proof

Graftonshire Police Area Profile

Graftonshire Police is the police force responsible for the policing of the county of Graftonshire. The Graftonshire Police area covers approximately 370 square miles and has a total population of over 786,000 people. Graftonshire Police currently employs 1,415 police officers., and is responsible for policing diverse communities within urban, rural and densely populated areas.

Graftonshire Police Statement of Purpose

Graftonshire Police will uphold the law robustly, prevent and detect crime and bring offenders to justice. In the face of danger or threat Graftonshire Police will always remain calm and collected, and seek to achieve a peaceful and positive result. Graftonshire Police – “In the trust of the public”

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